Alaces Journey

Alaces Journey
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They drift in and out of art museums, basement shows, and derelict squats seemingly unfazed as the city slowly slides into chaos around them. Late one night, forced out of their living space, John and Joey are driven to take shelter in a chain pharmacy before emerging to a city in full-scale riot. They find themselves the only passengers on a commuter train headed north, and exit at the final stop to discover the area entirely devoid of people. As John and Joey negotiate their future through bizarre, troubling manifestations of the landscape and a succession of abandoned mansions housing only scant clues to their owners' strange and sudden disappearance, they're also forced to confront the resurgent violence and buried memories of their shared past.

With incisive precision and a cool detachment, Simon Jacobs has crafted a surreal and spellbinding first novel of horror and intrigue. Our math formulas are supposed to be amusing anecdotes, similar to shelf-talkers in bookstores that say "If you like X, you might enjoy Y," or " This Book is like Cormac McCarthy writing an episode of Saved by the Bell with a soundtrack by Philip Glass.

In the Land of Palaces and Kings

Even as it anticipates a terrifying future of widespread desolation, its concerns hearken back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. What do we owe one another?

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Who are we? And to what extent is our identity wrapped up in the people around us? As they try to keep together and keep their lives, they travel through a series of abandoned homes, navigating the violence outside and the shared conflict of their relationship. With a pitch-perfect portrayal of the punk scene and idiosyncratic, meaty characters, this is a wonderful novel that takes no prisoners. A tightening loop of the tension of untying and retying ourselves down: to people, to place, to motive and motivation.


Less a meditation than a persistent jab in the ribs, repeating patterns of distrust and surrender. Addictively disorienting.

here It feels like The Road , but with less faith in humanity, and this Simon Jacobs is a literary talent to watch. He lives in New York City. Palaces is his first novel.

Six United Palaces

Certainly I am unaware of ancient Javanese writings to which we might turn when considering the epistemology of epic kakawin. For us, you see, there are five directions. What to do? In order to ensure our stories find their way to you, please confirm your subscription once the email reaches you. Let us Peter Worsley. Reservation total:. Your browser is out of date.

A sixteenth-century artistic jewel, this is one of the finest Renaissance works of Europe. It was Cardinal Alessandro Farnese the Elder Vecchio who commissioned its building to emphasize the political and military power achieved by his family. However, the ambitions of Alessandro were not only limited to social and economic growth since he aimed much higher to papacy. According to him, this was the only way to consecrate the Farnese family name and to obtain a level of wealth that was otherwise unattainable. Every strategy, every family relationship, every marriage union was designed for this purpose.

Ruspoli Castle is an example of Renaissance architecture, a remarkable result of continuous expansion works and the adaptation of an ancient medieval castle enriched with precious Italian gardens.

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The current shape of the castle is due to the reconstruction, perhaps designed by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger between and and commissioned by Beatrice Farnese and her son-in-law, Sforza Marescotti. The medieval fortress was transformed in the majestic gray stone castle that is visible today. Its imposing size, surrounded by a deep moat, enclosed by four corner bastions and crowned by Ghibelline crenellation, dominates the panorama of the town opposing to the solemn size of the church of Santa Maria della Presentazione.

Villa Lante Villa Lante in Bagnaia is a great achievement of the s, enhanced by the beautiful Italian gardens, sculptures and the spectacular water features that come down from the hill in graceful fountains. Farnese Palace Visiting the Farnese Palace in Caprarola is like totally immersing yourself in the Renaissance or Mannerism, including the architecture of Sangallo and Vignola, frescoes by the Zuccari, the Annibal Caro shots and the perspectives of Giacomo del Duca.

Next The Middle Ages, the golden age of Viterbo. With just the stars and sounds of the night for company and the view of an illuminated Amber Fort at a distance, dine at the rooftop patio of a guest house nestled away in the neighbouring village of Amber. Agra is one of the earliest carpet weaving centres set up by the Mughals in India.

Indian Forts & Palaces Tour

It still produces some of the finest carpets in the country. Laid out as a summer retreat for forty eight young attendants accompanying a princess marrying into the Udaipur royalty, Saheliyon-ki-Bari is dotted with lotus ponds, marble pavilions, and elephant-shaped fountains.

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Located on the banks of a lake, this garden is ideal for a pleasant retreat. Walk through the spice market of Delhi with a historian and discover aromas, tastes, textures, uses of the various spices, at the end of which you get samples to take back home. A gourmet's delight, this journey is bound to stay with you long after you have left the sights and sounds of this historic old city quarter.

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Walk around Mandore, the ancient capital city of southern Rajasthan, that stands in contrast with the later capital, Jodhpur. Immerse in history as you visit the city museum and explore its exquisite fort, temples and cenotaphs, much of them now in ruins. With Another Escape, we travelled to the geographically rich region of Ladakh, and discovered a community living in harmony at m A classic journey to India's west, sojourning the major cities and towns of Maharashtra and Gujarat Entering the hushed, almost religious concentration, a myriad of colours pluck the cords of my emotions.

An indefinable smell On the polo ground, two teams of four players on horseback rush in the direction of the wooden ball, jumping, flying, and whistling through the air A journey that takes one through the surreal mountainscapes and the unique lifestyles of the Ladakh region Our Pathfinders will tailor this story for you. Please share your details on the form below and we will get back to you promptly. Thank you. Your Pathfinder will craft this journey based on your preferences and revert to you shortly with a proposal.

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SEASONS March - June Summer sets in, humid in the plains and by the seaside, pleasant in the hills July - September The monsoons arrive with strong winds and heavy rains, especially in the coastal regions October - November As autumn descends, the heat and the rain wane across the country December - February Winter brings with it snow in the north and a pleasant wind in the south.

Agra Situated on the banks of the river Yamuna, Agra is an ornate chest containing the riches and heritage of Mughal era.

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Delhi Delhi is an enchanting medley of influences, one foot deeply grounded in time-revered traditions, whilst the other steps forth confidently into the future. Jodhpur Under the protective gaze of the mighty Mehrangarh fort, sprawls languidly the city of Jodhpur. Udaipur Amidst the sparse ranges of the Aravallis and the desert, and surrounded by serene lakes lies Udaipur, the romantic getaway of Rajasthan.